Organizing and Placing Conservative Talent in the Next Presidential Administration

Who we Are.

Project 47 is dedicated to organizing, mobilizing, and placing conservative leaders from across the country in a future presidential administration. Working directly with our partners–including conservative activists, campaigns, elected officials, and coalition partners–Project 47 aims to provide staffing charts and a talent database, valuable contributors to presidential transition efforts, and training programs. The next president, armed with this information, will have the talent and resources necessary to facilitate a smooth transition and hit the ground running on day one.

Policy Priorities

The Economy

Wasteful government spending has led to soaring inflation and made life more difficult for everyday Americans. We support efforts to rein in this reckless spending and cut taxes, keeping more money in the pockets of Americans.

Law & Order

As the radical left promotes defunding the police and soft-on-crime policies, America’s cities are being decimated by skyrocketing crime. We strongly support efforts to crack down on criminals, fully fund our police, and eliminate policies such as sanctuary cities.

Border Security

The failure to secure the southern border has led to unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, turning every state into a border state and unleashing deadly drugs, criminals, and violence into our communities. We support efforts to enforce border security and protect American citizens, including the construction of a border wall and ending “catch and release.”

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