The Issues

Border Security

The failure to secure the southern border has led to unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, turning every state into a border state and unleashing deadly drugs, criminals, and violence into our communities. We support efforts to enforce border security and protect American citizens, including the construction of a border wall and ending “catch and release.”

Law and Order

As the radical left promotes defunding the police and soft-on-crime policies, America’s cities are being decimated by skyrocketing crime. We strongly support efforts to crack down on criminals, fully fund our police, and eliminate policies such as sanctuary cities.

The Economy

Wasteful government spending has led to soaring inflation and made life more difficult for everyday Americans. We support efforts to rein in this reckless spending and cut taxes, keeping more money in the pockets of Americans.

Energy Independence

Ensuring American energy independence is critical to both the domestic economy and national security. We support efforts to promote American energy dominance, including the rollback of burdensome environmental restrictions, investments in energy production in America’s heartland, and the approval of key pipeline and infrastructure projects.

Parental Rights

Through the imposition of transgender ideologies, DEI mandates, and efforts to take control of children away from parents, the radical left has sought to undermine parental rights and poison the minds of our children. It is vital that we champion the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. We support efforts to secure parental rights, including school choice, child sex-change bans, and the removal of DEI requirements. 

National Security

A powerful military is vital to maintain peace and promote America’s national security. We must stand up to our adversaries and support our military in order to keep Americans safe. Wokeness and DEI initiatives need to be rooted out of the armed forces, and America must focus on realigning its defense industrial base for great power competition.

Election Integrity

American elections must be honest and fair. We stand for efforts to promote election integrity, including voter identification, the prohibition of unsecure dropboxes, and measures to ensure confidence in our elections. 

Support for Israel

Israel is a key ally of the United States and a bastion of peace and democracy in one of the most volatile and dangerous regions in the world. As the radical left seeks to undermine support for Israel, it is vital that Americans stand strongly in support of our Israeli friends.

The Right to Life

The right to life is one of our core values as Americans. We support efforts to protect the sanctity of the unborn and end the federal funding, promotion, and advocacy of abortion. America’s foreign assistance should also not be used as a tool to promote abortion abroad.

Confronting China

The Chinese Communist Party seeks to undermine America at every turn,
imposing their communist ideology across the globe, imposing nefarious trade practices, and threatening American citizens and our allies. We support efforts to stand up to China and prevent the CCP from overtaking American universities, buying up our land, and stealing our data. 

The Opioid Crisis

For too long, Washington elites have failed to come up with solutions to the opioid crisis, while drugs including fentanyl and prescription painkillers continue to ravage American communities. We endorse efforts to combat this epidemic, including investing in innovative recovery programs, dismantling the drug cartels, and prosecuting those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. 

Gun Rights

Every day, law-abiding American citizens use firearms to protect their lives, families, and property. We strongly support the Second Amendment and efforts to safeguard Americans’ right to bear arms. We oppose efforts to restrict access to firearms, ammunition restrictions, and licensing schemes.

Breaking up the Administrative State 

Power has been snapped away by the people and put into the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats. We stand for efforts to break-up the administrative state and relocate key portions of the federal bureaucracy across the country. 

ESG and Woke Capital

Government and big business have aligned to promote the adoption of radical ESG standards and inject “woke” into financial institutions and capital markets. Efforts must be maintained to support a competitive and accessible financial system, not pushing radical ideologies at the cost of everyday Americans.

Higher Education

America’s colleges and universities have been overtaken by leftist ideologies, while taxpayer dollars fund far-left priorities. We support efforts to reform funding mechanisms, offer universities more choice in accreditation, and provide America’s youth with more access to trade schools and other post-secondary programs.